Arbeitsgruppe XV: Retrofits

Samstag, 05. Mai 2012

Justin Bere | Operational performance of a Community Centre in London, refurbished to the Passivhaus standard

Operational performance of a Community Centre in London, refurbished to the passivhaus standard; graphs showing 95% operational energy savings; comparing the investment cost with a minimum standard refurbishment; and demonstrating the clear financial benefits of investing in the Passivhaus standard.

Mary James | Deep Energy Retrofits in the San Francisco Bay Area: Measuring Success

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory monitored 10 Northern California deep energy retrofits, including 3 PH retrofits. Superinsulation and extreme air tightness were unnecessary in this climate to achieve 50% energy savings, but did reduce heating energy, allowing for flexibility in user behavior.

Ji-won Seo | The methods for Passive Renovation, suitable for Korean apartments

It will be essential to apply Passive House components to renovate old apartment buildings in Korea. A variety of Passive House components, applicable to Korean apartment buildings, were selected and energy-saving potentials were analyzed when these solutions were applied to the case apartment building.

Robert Cohen | C80 Retrofit: Measuring is believing

An 1830 dwelling in a Conservation Area in London has been refurbished to near the PassivHaus level. Energy use in 2011 was 39 kWh/m² gas and 13 kWh/m² electricity (79% from PV) giving emissions of 1.1 tonnes of CO2, an 84% reduction. The house needs little energy to be comfortable, but the low energy use depends on supportive occupant behaviour.

Julie Willem, Sebastian Moreno-Vacca | Experience in non-residential building renovations in Brussels and "Real" zero energy

Further and deeper, not only the constructions but also the renovations can reach higher levels in energy saving, including real zero energy. From renovation projects to real zero energy buildings, we'll explore some specificity and key points with cases of housing and office programs.



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