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10th Conference on Passive Houses 2006


Innovative Envelope Constructions

The passive house is widely regarded as the most preferred building system for the future. So it is vital to develop more and more detailed solutions for the preferences of different people in different regions. It is high time for the passive house to open also to the outside. Franz Freundorfer for example present a paper on "The passive house window that opens to the outside." at the 10th conference in Hannover.

The perhaps most important basic concept requirement in a relatively cold climate is envelope constructions with superior thermal insulation without thermal bridges. In a presentation of Henrik Tommerup two of the most interesting components were described during the last conference.

Prefabricated light-weight exterior wall element with a load-bearing plywood and steel frame (Photo: Henrik Tommerup during the 10th Conference on Passive Houses)

A study presented by Anneleen Lagae showed the main challenges for building smaller passive houses for low income groups in the Netherlands. As a final outcome, a range of strategies were proposed and a few ideas were illustrated in order to optimise the cost/quality rate, an essential condition in the Dutch building market which is ruled by professional building developers of large scale projects.

Design of small passive houses for low income groups in the Netherlands.

Time schedule of the 11th International Conference on Passive Houses in Bregenz

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