AG XVI: China goes passive! (EN)

23 April 2016   14:15      Saal Helium 2  (Ebene 3)       Änderungen vorbehalten.

Uhrzeit  Vortrag Referent
14:15 Passive House in China: Present Situation and Future Trends

Ling Guo


Compiling Principles and Key Points of Passive
ultra-low energy green Building Technical Guideline China

Yu Zou, Xi Chen, Deyu Sun


Design Optimization of Tianjin Sino-Singapore Eco-City Public
Housing Project Using Computation Tool of PHPP

Angyang Song, Jianlin Wu,
Caifeng Gao


Tianjin Buildtog Passive House project design

Thilo Cunz, Rolf Demmler,
Berthold Kaufmann


Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures
for Passive House Construction in China

Yuansheng Cui


Experiences and challenges of heating and cooling
in Chinese pilot projects

Stefan Schirmer


Experiences from 11 blower door tests in the Middle Kingdom -
China builds Passive Houses

Michael Meyer-Olbersleben


Good user-experiences from first Passive House
buildings in China

Berthold Kaufmann

16:00 Passive House design in different Chinese climates
– it works everywhere
Jürgen Schnieders