AG XV: Step-by-step retrofits (EN)

23 April 2016    14:15       Saal Europium  (Ebene 3)       Änderungen vorbehalten.

Uhrzeit  Vortrag Referent
14:15 Overall retrofit plan for step-by-step retrofits
to EnerPHit standard
Jan Steiger
14:40 Step-by-step EnerPHit Retrofit: coordinated design Art McCormack
15:05 Large scale EnerPHit. Whole life costs and
lessons learnt on high rise retrofit
Helen Brown, James Traynor,
Nick Newman

Step-by-step deep retrofit and building
integrated façade/roof on a million program house

Zack Norwood, Ingo Theoboldt,
Dan-Eric Archer
15:55 Step-by-step retrofits to EnerPHit standard
in social housing in Spain
Nuria Díaz Antón
16:20 A road towards deep building renovation on a
step-by-step basis in Bulgaria
Iglika Lutzkanova