AG XII: Passive Houses in North America and cold climates (EN)

23 April 2016    10:30      Saal Hellium 2  (Ebene 3)       Änderungen vorbehalten.

Uhrzeit  Vortrag Referent

A Passivhaus in Vancouver: PHPPv9 and City Collaboration

New York City: Active about Passive Buildings

André Harrmann

Yetsuh Frank

10:55 Reaching for the PH Standard in Canadian Social Housing Sonia Zouari,
Malcom Isaacs
11:20 Factory-built Passive House: An affordable solution
for remote Canadian communities
Monte Paulsen
11:45 Högåsskolan in Knivsta – a Passive House school in Sweden Simon Granit
12:10 The first Passive House residential home for the elderly
in Finland
Juha Päätalo
12:35 Rammed Earth - Passive House Naturally Terrel Wong
12:45 Posterbeitrag: 1st Certified Passive House in Alberta,
100% wood based products and Off Grid
Tomaz Stich