AG XI: Tools – new features and latest developments (EN)

23 April 2016    10:30    Saal Europium  (Ebene 3)       Änderungen vorbehalten

Uhrzeit  Vortrag Referent
10:30 Using PHPP9 in the design process in order to achieve
the first PH Premium buildings in Spain
Anne Vogt
10:55 Accuracy in predicting energy consumption
and room temperatures of various simulation programs
Gabriel Rojas
11:20 Latest developments in designPH - the 3D interface for PHPP David Edwards
11:45 Optimizing Passive House: A look at Kranichstein
(and other projects)
Bronwyn Barry
12:10 “Auditing tool” PHPP – new features
and comprehensive validation
Fabian Ochs
12:35 Posterbeitrag: The New Building Knowledge Hubs of Europe:
Successful promotion of PH training
Dragomir Tzanev
12:35 Posterbeitrag: A new database for
Certified Passive House Components
 Jens-Erik Weber,
Benjamin Krick
12:35 Posterbeitrag: Determination of the heat loss coefficient
of built Passive House buildings
Oliver Ottinger