AG IV: Warm climates (EN)

22 April 2016    13:00      Saal Hellium 2  (Ebene 3)      Änderungen vorbehalten.

Uhrzeit  Vortrag Referent
13:00 Measured performance of lightweight straw bale Passive House
in a Mediterranean heat wave
Oliver Style
13:25 Passivistas: the house project Nasia Roditi, Stefanos Pallantzas
13:50 Passive House Standard in Public Buildings in North Spain Esteban Pardo Calderón
14:15 A comparison of LEED and Passive House Certification
on a built example-Gaziantep Yesil Ev
Tugba Salman Gurcan
14:40 Posterbeitrag: Comfort conditions and user behaviour surveys
in passive house buildings throughout Europe
Marco Pietrobon
14:40 Posterbeitrag: Design, Optimisation and Construction
of a LSF Efficient House in a South European Country
Romeu Vicente
14:40 Posterbeitrag: Experience of PH component implementations
at 30 different builds in warm climate - Greece
Stefan Chatzoulis
15:05 Posterbeitrag: Monitored performance of a Passive House
under subtropical climatic conditions
Paris A. Fokaides
15:05 Posterbeitrag: The first certified construction system
for warm climates: from prototype to production
Enrico Bonilauri
15:05 Posterbeitrag: Innovation down under with
Superpod® passive house design
Fiona McKenzie