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Conference programme released - registration now open

The Passive House Standard enables every building owner to benefit from the energy revolution, with Certified Passive House Components ensuring cost-effectiveness. This basic concept will be the focus of the 2015 International Passive House Conference, held from 17 to 18 April 2015 in Leipzig. Over a hundred speakers from all over the world will present exemplary projects and solutions for building and ventilation systems and windows within the context of new builds and retrofits. An exhibition will provide specific examples of products currently available on the market. The conference programme is now online, the registration (with early bird fees!) now open.

Passive House components: sustainable and cost effective

Every improvement in energy efficient building products makes it that much easier to achieve an energy revolution. Advancements in building envelope components as well as in mechanical systems are especially important, as these products work to save the energy that is the most seasonally concentrated and that can only hardly be covered via the sun. Only buildings designed to effectively bring heating and cooling needs to very low levels can truly facilitate the transition from a reliance on fossil fuels to renewables.