Invitation to the 20th International Passive House Conference 22 - 23 April 2016 in Darmstadt / Germany

Two anniversaries will be celebrated next year: 25 years Passive House in Darmstadt-Kranichstein and 20 years of international Passive House Conferences.
Information about the next conference and a review of the 19th Passive House Conference in Leipzig will be published soon.

Solutions for energy efficiency and climate protection

Efficiency and renewable energy – that's the ideal combination for a sustainable energy future. The International Passive House Conference 2015 in Leipzig will demonstrate how this is possible in the building sector. On 17 and 18 April, speakers from all over the world will present the latest concepts and developments. The main focus will be on exemplary new build and retrofit projects in various climate zones, in addition to individual components for thermal protection of the building envelope or correct balancing of the gains from a photovoltaic system. The patron of this event is the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel.

Pioneer Award for 1970s energy efficient house in Canada

This year's Pioneer Award, which recognizes the trailblazers of energy efficient construction, will go to Canada. In particular, the Saskatchewan Conservation House will be recognized, with which many features of the modern Passive House Standard were successfully tested in 1977. Against the backdrop of the oil crisis at the time, a broad team of experts looked at possibilities to significantly reduce the consumption of heating oil. Their studies showed that it was mainly a question of thermal protection of the building envelope. Canadian mechanical engineer, Harold Orr, one of the driving forces behind this project, will receive the Pioneer Award at the International Passive House Conference 2015 in Leipzig.

Energy efficient windows for retrofits receive Component Award

The winners of the second Component Award, this year for Passive House windows for energy efficient solutions in the context of retrofits, have been selected. The joint first prize went to Optiwin for their "System Connecta" and Lorber / Pro Passivhaus-fenster for their "Smartwin Compact S" window. The main challenge in this competition was that the product had to show a degree of flexibility since refurbishments are often carried out in a step-by-step manner. Therefore, ideal windows had to deliver excellent results during the transitional period as well as after the completion of all refurbishment measures. The award will be presented on 17 April at the International Passive House Conference 2015 in Leipzig.

New categories for certification of Passive House buildings

Renewable energy is the ideal complement to the efficiency of the Passive House Standard. In order to provide reliable guidance for this combination, the Passive House Institute introduces two new categories for its building certification; in addition to the established Passive House Classic, there will be the Passive House Plus and Passive House Premium classes as well. A new evaluation procedure which also considers energy generation by the building itself will serve as a basis for this. The exact certification criteria and calculation details according to the renewable primary energy (PER) system are available on the online resource Passipedia. What these new features mean in practice will be further discussed at the International Passive House Conference, which will take place on 17-18 April 2015 in Leipzig.

Conference programme released - registration now open

The Passive House Standard enables every building owner to benefit from the energy revolution, with Certified Passive House Components ensuring cost-effectiveness. This basic concept will be the focus of the 2015 International Passive House Conference, held from 17 to 18 April 2015 in Leipzig. Over a hundred speakers from all over the world will present exemplary projects and solutions for building and ventilation systems and windows within the context of new builds and retrofits. An exhibition will provide specific examples of products currently available on the market. The conference programme is now online, the registration now open.

Passive House components: sustainable and cost effective

Every improvement in energy efficient building products makes it that much easier to achieve an energy revolution. Advancements in building envelope components as well as in mechanical systems are especially important, as these products work to save the energy that is the most seasonally concentrated and that can only hardly be covered via the sun. Only buildings designed to effectively bring heating and cooling needs to very low levels can truly facilitate the transition from a reliance on fossil fuels to renewables.

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